How To Stand Out In A Visual World

Ideas At Work is a  North Bay video production company and we’ll help you connect with your existing and potential customers and make your web or trade show sizzle and your project succeed with attention-grabbing video!

You need a communication tool that will take your business, project or product to the next level and beyond. People enjoy videos and are far more likely to hang around your site or booth if you have relevant, informative video content. Diode Digital (UK agency)  has found that video marketing is 6 times more effective than print or direct mail, as people remember video better than print.

Great Ideas Make Great Videos

Ideas At Work Video production company brings twenty years of creativity to video production. We’ll take your script or brief and give it our own, unique, award winning spin.

Our production company collaborates with  clients who need creative solutions and solid story telling, not just the bling. We provide accurate budgeting, high production standards and cost effective post-production solutions.  From small company infomercials, through training videos to large scale productions, we’ll work with you to create compelling promotional content for your product or service.

Contact us today and fast forward your success!